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Analysis Exchange Shining Student - Elizabeth Eckels

If you are looking to build a career as a web data analyst, the Analysis Exchange is a great place for you to get hands-on experience, while helping a nonprofit at the same time! While doing a project with the Analysis Exchange, you will also have the opportunity to work with one of the top mentors in the Web Analytics industry.

This week, we had the opportunity to hear from Elizabeth Eckels, a first time student in the Analysis Exchange. Elizabeth just completed a project with, a nonprofit that supports people with Atrial Fibrillation, the most common irregular heartbeat and is characterized by heart palpitations, dizziness, and shortness of breath.  In a brief interview, Elizabeth has candidly shared with us her experiences with the Analysis Exchange.

Analysis Exchange: What was your primary driver for doing an Analysis Exchange project?

Elizabeth: Learning, with real data, real people, and a real business. I wanted to expand my analysis skills and gain confidence by completing a full project on “my own” — with a mentor for guidance.

Analysis Exchange: How much of a time commitment was the project?

Elizabeth: Well, I dove in past what was expected, but it was due to having a great mentor, business owner, and a solid amount of data. For this project, I put in approximately 25 hours.

Analysis Exchange: What did you learn from doing the project?

Elizabeth: Oh goodness, where to start? I’ll focus on the technical learnings, but there was much more. In this first project, I learned how all my hunches and ideas could be translated into solid business recommendations (i.e. evaluating engagement levels of keywords & pages to showcase successes and provide priority & suggestions for improvements). I also learned that being supportive to the business owner by showing successes is just as valuable as highlighting opportunities for improvement. My mentor, Vivian, also taught me how to work with custom segments in more detail in GA. And overall, I learned how to structure and complete a thorough analysis in a small amount of time.
Analysis Exchange: What can you tell other students about the Analysis Exchange?

Elizabeth: The Analysis Exchange is opportunity knocking…so do it! Take the chance and learn from experienced professionals, work with business owners who are understanding (but still depending on you), and challenge yourself — all in a supportive environment. It’s a great way to network, expand your skills, and demonstrate your knowledge.

One unique part of the Analysis Exchange is that at the end of a project there is a team 360 Evaluation process. The mentor, the student, and the nonprofit all have a chance to let others know what caliber of people future nonprofits can expect on their projects.  Just as Elizabeth was pleased with her experience, her team was equally pleased as you can see by her evaluation.  

"Elizabeth did an excellent job, especially for a student on a first project. She probably spent more hours that normal, but produced a very insighful analysis pointing out low-hanging fruit (high volume keywords with no competition) and developed an excellent list of recommendations. We are already implementing her suggestions and expect great results from them. Elizabeth took a personal interest in our cause, and understood our mission quickly. She went above and beyond what we expected." (Evaluator rating: 10 out of 10)

Great Job, Elizabeth and we look forward to you coming back for another project!!

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